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  • When I create a watchlist with more items that can fit in my browser window, I can scroll to see them, of course, but for those that are settable, the input form pops up in the wrong location on the page; sometimes it appears (I presume) in a location that has scrolled out of view, giving the impression that it hasn't popped up at all. Has this been fixed in 1.10.0? (I'm on 1.9.0.)

    Also regarding watchlists, why are we not allowed to export/import them? Would it be difficult to add json support for them?


  • BTW, the misplacement of input popups only occurs in internet explorer; Firefox works fine.

  • The first issue with IE is a known thing, but is considered a nice-to-fix and so ends up low priority. The exporting of watchlists would be nice as well. As usual, funding would go a long way toward pushing it up the schedule.