Hi, Mango Team
I have been following the 'HVAC Dashboard Development Tutorial' posted on Mango V4 site.
In the chapter called 'Create map component', there is a section describing how to show the 'occupancy' and 'status' live value on the map. After following the instructions, I believe
there is a typo in the following lines of code:

-see the <ma-point-value> lines, it refers to 'points.occupancy' and 'point.status'

However in the overview.js file, the constant 'POINT_KEYS' definition, the 'Occupancy' and 'Status' are both
capitalized. I had to change the above line of codes to use capitalized 'Occupancy' and 'Status' to get the value to show up properly.

Please let me know if have mistaken anything here.