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  • Hi all,

    I am working on access control using BACNet (PACS objects).
    Apparently, PACS has been specified in 2006 november, and I am surprised that it is not implemented in BACnet4J yet (even apparently in others BACNet implementations - free or not).

    • Why PACS it is not yet implemented? (Missing time? Complexity? Nobody uses BACNet for access control?);

    • Therefore, how people, who want to use BACNet for access control, do actually? They use implemented BACNet objects like 'File' to encapsulate and transport access control data?

    Thanks in advance for your reply and your help! :)


  • Hi Jérémie,

    Not sure where you get that date. According to the BACnet website that addendum (135 2008j) was not approved until June 20, 2009. In any case, this could certainly be added to BACnet4J, and likely will at some point. If you have a specific need for this in the short term, Serotonin can provide a quote for building it to your schedule.

  • Wow, at least 3 years to approve :-/

    I pick up the date in this official document :

    Thank you for these precisions Matthew!