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  • Hi all, i'm trying to get the lableText for my column charts to work.
    But somehow haven't come around a good option.

    Help would be very much apricated.

     <ma-serial-chart style="position: absolute; height: 350px; width: 700px; " 	
        series-1-values='[{"value":1, "labelText": "[[value]]", "timestamp":"Battery Lowor/No Battery"}]' 
        series-2-values='[{"value":2, "labelText":2, "timestamp":"Software Error"}]' 	
        series-3-values='[{"value":3, "timestamp":"Keypad test Error"}]' 	
        series-4-values='[{"value":4, "timestamp":"X1 Continuity"}]' 	
        series-5-values='[{"value":5, "timestamp":"X3 Continuity"}]' 	
        series-6-values='[{"value":6, "timestamp":"X4 Continuity"}]' 	
        series-7-values='[{"value":7, "timestamp": "Pressure out of Tolerance"}]' 
        series-8-values='[{"value":8, "timestamp":"No Humidity Sensor"}]'
        series-9-values='[{"value":9, "timestamp":"Line Freq out of the 59 to 61 Hertz Range"}]'
        series-10-values='[{"value":10, "timestamp":"Temperature sensor wiring or delta Error"}]'
        default-type="column" labelText="[[value]]" legend="false" balloon="true" options="{categoryAxis:{parseDates:false, labelRotation:45}, tooltipText: value, labelText: [value], depth3D: 20, angle: 40, rotate: true, synchronizeGrid: false, valueAxes:[{ minimum:0, maximum:100,}]}"

  • Timestamp in this instance should be a unix timestamp unless you configure custom categories for the x axis.