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  • Re: [1-wire not working](/topic/1839/1-wire-not-worki

    I have the same issues,as in the topic above, today i found out it is related to the java version,
    If i use java 7 with mango 2.5.2 the one wire works
    If i use java 8 with mango 2.5.2 "Specified adapter name "DS9097U is not known" no one wire
    If i use Java 8 with mango 3.7.7 "Specified adapter name "DS9097U is not known" no one wire

    Fresh 3.7.7 enterprise java 8 added 1 wire data source "Specified adapter name "DS9097U is not known" no one wire
    Java 7 3.7.7. won't start.

    I must be doing something wrong.
    Any one who can help me with this ?