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Can we import the configuration export of v3.7.7 to v4.0.0?

  • Dear All,

    Can we import the configuration export of v3.7.7 to v4.0.0?


  • Yes. You can always import from an older system into a newer one but not backwards. Since this is a beta release you may find bugs, if you do please post them back here in the forum so we can fix them.

  • Dear All,

    We have a Mango v3.7.7 Installation with Mysql in our server. We added just one Data Source, one Data Point, and one event detector to Mango v3.7.7. Then, backed up Mango v3.7.7. After that, We installed another instance Mango v4.0.0.beta.3 with Mysql.

    We to restored Mango v3.7.7 backup to Mango v4.0.0.beta3. Then;

    1. Although Mango gave an error on the UI as "SQL restore failed, Database restored", It's seen 'Restore Succesfull' on the command window.

    2. Menu has not seen on the UI, when we try to reach pages by typing url, Mango made us log out then we enter username/pass. After that we can reach the page we typed (menu didn't changed).

    3. The Datasource on the Mango v3.7.7 backup does not seen on the restored Mango v4.0.0.beta.3 UI. But we can see on the Mango v4.0.0.beta3. Mysql datasources table.

    As a result we couldn't restore Mango v3.7.7 backup to Mango v4.0.0.beta.3. What should we do?

    Thanks in advance,

  • @Nurr for this to work you will want to start up Mango 3.7.7 on the old database and then upgrade to Mango 4.0.0. We do not support restoring Mango 3.7.x on top of a new Mango 4.0.o database.