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  • Hello All,

    Noobie here and I have a question about Modbus4J.

    I was using WireShark packet capture to look at the MODBUS requests being sent by Modbus4J. One of the things I noticed is that Modbus4J opens/closes a TCP connection for each MODBUS request.

    Is there a way to set the Modbus4J driver to open a TCP connection once, send all the MODBUS requests, and when all the responses have been received or a timeout occurs close the TCP connection?

    OR...Just leave the TCP connection open until a timeout occurs or the Modbus4J driver is shutdown.


  • Use "TCP with keepalive"

  • Will do...Thanks!!!

  • Buenos dias,
    soy nuevo en el foro
    Estoy probando m2m para conectar unos dispositivos con protocolo modbus
    Mi intención es conectar a través de un modem gprs. El sim cuando se conecta arroja una ip
    Pero siempre el mango me tira este error

    'aaa': com.serotonin.modbus4j.exception.ModbusTransportException: connect timed out

    alguien puede ayudarme?