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  • I have program running about 2 weeks, im using BACnet4J as a gateway to PIV object (mapping PIV to MV) and i haven't problem, every think was ok. But on few days I have problem because the remote device list in DEV object is empty and my MV don't change PIV value, when I manually restart te program, remote device is visible in DEV object in remote device list. I adding remote device like this:

                localDevice.sendGlobalBroadcast(new WhoIsRequest());
                List<RemoteDevice> remoteDevices = localDevice.getRemoteDevices();
                for (RemoteDevice device : remoteDevices) {
                   //some code

    200 is instance of remote device

    I adding this after I initialising local device (in the same try/catch) Whats going on? Any ideas?