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  • Hello,

    I'm using the ma-point-list successfully, but the information it shows for the point can get to be too much and confuse the customer with the default formatting (Device - Name - Tags).

    Is there a property similar to display-type that would allow me to alter what is shown for each data point that my query returns?

    In the screenshot below, I'd like to only have the data point name display, not the device name and tag info.


  • Use the ma-point-query to pull through the points you require or a ma-watch-list-get to pull info from a pre-configured watchlist. Use angularJS's ng repeat to push the values into an md-select item.

    <ma-point-query query="'eq(xid,...)'"  points="pts"></ma-point-query>
    <md-select ng-model="selectedPt">
     <md-option ng-repeat="pt in pts" ng-value="pt">{{}} - {{pt.tags.join(',')}}</md-option>


  • Great idea, thank you!

  • Just realised in my own silly way that the tags is an object. Not an array.. Need more coffee!
    pt.tags.join(',') Will not work.
    I believe you can usept.tags|json or you can choose what tags you want to show with pt.tags.tag1 or whatever naming convention you used...