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  • When recovering a backup through an imported JSON, it happens to me that all those Data Sources that have the value:

    "quantize": true

    after importing they appear with this value deactivated.

    Is this a bug? Is there a way to activate them all again other than manually, with a script maybe? There are a lot of them, and doing it by hand takes work that I thought would save me from importing the JSON.


  • @jcaballeroa what version of Mango, what data source type? From a quick check of the codebase for 3.7 this should work but it may be specific to a certain data source type.

  • Hi, @terrypacker

    We have 3.6 version. This problem occur with SNMP Data source.

    If do you need, i can upload at a google drive one link with a JSON that we use.


  • @jcaballeroa I took a look in the code and found a bug, this will be fixed in Mango 4.0. Apologies for the trouble and thanks for pointing this out.

    As for your original question besides manually you could do this with a script but it would require accessing the underlying java classes as there are no script utilities that I am aware of to save a data source.

  • Thank you @terrypacker, I am glad that the issue has served to resolve this issue. We will wait for the 4.0 update then to fix it.

  • Hi @terrypacker.

    We have seen that you have already solved this problem in the new Mango 4.0: "Fixed the bug where the quantization settings in a data source were not imported in a JSON import".

    If we need to use this functionality, is it necessary for us to buy an upgrade from our Mango 3.6 to version 4.0?

  • @jcaballeroa Mango 4.0.0 is a paid upgrade.