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Set values back to default with button

  • Hi all

    i would like to change all switch and text input back to default with the button Finish.
    While the Button Finish also change the page.

    0_1590474439127_Comp page.JPG

    any good and simple idea?

  • Use ng-click to set all of the values to what you want, then use ui-sref to navigate to a different page view:

    <ma-button ui-sref="ui.[yourpagestateref]" ng-click="
    text1 = 'new value'; 

    Text1 is an ng-model value
    sw1 is one of your switch point values. Hope that gives you a good start to work from.

    or instead of ui-sref add to ng-click:
    window.location.href='yourpageurl'; or location.url('url') after all of the values being reset.