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  • I'm testing against a simulator, and initially things work fine. The simulator is on network 20, address [1,0,0,0,0,0].

    When I call SubscribeCOV, the service succeeds, but then first unconfirmed notification comes from the simulator without the Source Network and Source Address in the NPDU. Bacnet4j interprets this as a new Address with network 0, address [ac,10,7f,9d,ba,c0] (IP/port) and updates the Address in the cached RemoteDevice.

    Now all subsequent communication with the device fails because its being sent to the wrong address.

    Is this a bug in the simulator or a problem with bacnet4j?

    I can provide a Wireshark capture of this if necessary.

  • Update: if I request confirmed notifications instead of unconfirmed the simulator does include the correct address.

    The question still remains, then: should bacnet4j be ignoring the address (or lack of) in unconfirmed COV notifications, or should the simulator be specifying the address in unconfirmed notifications too?