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  • I am using 3.6.0. Not able to create multiple graphs for a single dashboard.

    Please help

  • Hi there Mohit,

    1. Can you go into more detail as to what you're trying to achieve?
    2. Can you insert into a code block your dashboard markup?
    3. Please display any errors in your browser console if there are any



  • Thanks, Fox for the reply.

    I want to create a dashboard with multiple line charts and bar charts.

  • Not quite what I meant but ok! Let's start from the beginning.

    This is assuming you're using a version of mango with the MangoUI.
    Go to Administration->edit menu
    Ensure these three are ticked and click on SAVE at the top of the page:

    On the menu itself, look into the examples to see how charts are populated from data points and their point values.
    If you want to learn how to further configure and get into more in-depth settings, look at the API-> components option to see how the maSerialChart component can be further expanded on with the given directive attributes supplied.

    Once you've got something on the screen have a look around the forums for inspiration and build up your page.

    Once you have something and are then stuck someone or myself can assist you further.

    Hope that gives you enough information to get you started and starting building some pages up!


  • Thanks again. I will surely try this. Hope it will solve my issue

  • Hi Fox,

    I am able to get point list for graph which I have created in datasource as virtual points.

  • Have you not got any access to any real time data?
    Start off with using one of the mango internal points. A virtual point will only be updated if you manually set it or use a meta datasource point or a scripted datasource to populate it.

    Let's use system uptime to start.

    <ma-point-values point="pt" point-xid="internal_mango_uptime_hrs" values="val" rollup="NONE" latest="100"></ma-point-values>
    <ma-serial-chart series-1-values="val" series-1-point="pt" legend="true" style="min-height:300px;" ></ma-serial-chart>

    You need to have enough history on a point to actually display a chart.
    EDIT: missed a few attributes.
    Secondly: Show your code, and are you actually using the brewers dashboard? This seems a better fit under asking for user help. I think this needs to be moved.