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  • Using latest version of Mango Enterprise. Does the Event Detectors button not supposed to work under Admin Home? Its there, but doesn't work as a link..

  • I believe it's always been an 'at a glance' tile just to show how much of everything is in the system. I'm using 3.5.6 and even then it's not a link.
    Admin Home is built into the mangoUI, so there is no way to amend it.


  • @Dan-M correct there is no general edit page for event detectors as they are tied to data points directly. This is something we will eventually add but currently you must edit a data point to see its detectors.

  • ok i just found it. I did not see event detectors when I went to edit the data point. I had to click on the 3 vertical bullets on the right hand side of the list of points, and click event detectors.
    Suggest to put an event detectors tab when editing a data point if possible.