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Global Scripts import only imports the first script

  • I have 2 Global Scripts, and while migrating to a new system I included global scripts in the export, but the imported system showed failures due to the 2nd script being missing.

    Manually importing the scripts confirms the same issue, the import page only shows 1 script imported.

    The obvious work-around is to import them one at a time, but it is a shock to get such unexpected results.

  • @AldoRamos what version of Mango are you importing them into? Also can you post the JSON without the full script contents so I can run a test import? Basically I just want to see the structure of the output you are trying to import, I don't specifically care about the scripts themselves.


  • This is a MangoGT running Mango 3.7.4

    I stripped down the JSON to determine it was not the contents of the scripts causing the issue:

             "script":"var script1 = {\n    name:	'script1'\n}"
             "script":"var script2 =\n{\n    name:	'script2'\n}"

  • @AldoRamos thanks I was able to replicate this for 3.7.x Mango. This is a bug in the Mango core (and only affects global scripts) so I'll try to get this fix put into the next 3.7.x release which should be relatively soon as there are a few little bug fixes we need to get out.


  • That's about what I expected. Glad it was simple and isolated.