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  • Hi
    I would like to filter fault values from the chart, for here i would like to filter out the value 0

    0_1582189520373_Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 17.02.50.png

    Unfortunately the 0 value gets generated from the PLC system while reseting and so i also collect those data, as is a change of value.

    How can i filter out those values?

  • @ronnyhinkel if the zeros aren't necessary, you can set your data point to have max and min values which will disregard anything outside of that range. These settings can often be saved as a datapoint template to use across other points in your system.
    If not, perhaps reading into the use of the maFn component may be of help..

  • @mattfox
    Were hoping there would be a if condition
    <ma-point-values point-xid="DP_bf4e8b98-ff25-439c-a63e-4af21bc92902" point="point1" values="point1Values" if>0.0 from="dateBar.from" to="" rollup="{{dateBar.rollupType}}" rollup-interval="{{dateBar.rollupIntervals}} {{dateBar.rollupIntervalPeriod}}">

  • That won't work for a start as point1Values will be an array, secondly, there is no such thing as an 'if' attribute in HTML. AngularJS supplies an "ng-if"but that's different again and works with angularJS variables.

    I was stating under the datapoint properties you can set min and max permitted values in the system I don't have the latest version of mango so i'm unable to give you a screenshot.
    But if you look under datasources -> points -> and edit the respective point you can make it ignore when you have 0s coming in from system resets.

    If however that is not possible and you need those zeroes then a function is required to filter them.