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UNSOLVED What is the best practice for 3rd party system big data integration ?

  • Hi everyone!

    We will read very big data from another system by using Mango. In current Mango system, we have already more than 10.000 points. There are 2 method that are reading from SQL and using API.

    Which method is the best practice for that integration?

    Best Regards,

  • I've mulled over what you have stated:

    1. There is sql data source for pulling data in using sql queries but I don't know how complex your system is

    2. A second option is using the http retriever and using the responses given to populate different points based upon the data given.

    Not sure there's a 'best practice ' as I'm unaware if you're just bringing data across or you still need events to fire and meta points/scripts to trigger for given point data.
    Can you expand on what you want to achieve then perhaps a better route can be taken.