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  • In the Original Mango Automation, there was a concept of compound events. In this concept you could create logic statements with multiple events which result in a separate event that could be handled. I do not see this idea discussed in the documentation unless I missed something. Is there any recommendations with Mango M2M to solve this issue?

  • @jvaughters I believe you are talking about Compound Event Detectors. They were never brought forward from the original version of Mango. You question is quite broad so its hard to say what you want to try at achieve but it can likely be done via a Meta Data Point's script.

  • Yes it is a broad question about a useful capability, so I figured it was something you had already answered, but did not see anything in the documentation or the forum. Specifically, what I am trying to do is create logic statements on triggered event detectors to create multiple event detection actions. I will check out the meta data point scripts. Thanks for the direction.

  • @terrypacker ok, let me see if I have resolved this correctly or if you have a better method. In meta points, I can create binary points to be set upon Event Detectors. I can then create more meta points to combine those binary meta points into logical statements that can then be assigned Event Detectors. This would effectively be the same as a Compound Event Detector. This will work, albeit kind of an ugly solution.

    Is this the best way to handle it or is there a better way?

    At first I was hoping there was a way to add Event Detectors as context to a meta point, but not that I could see.

    Thanks as always for your help.