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  • Hello,

    We have clients that keep their browsers open for days at a time to one dashboard that displays stats about their equipment in the field. An issue we're seeing is that after a day or so the data on the page becomes stale and stops updating without the client knowing.

    The main issue this presents is that they look at the page and get an inaccurate numbers for what the equipment is doing. It may show pumps as being offline when they're really online, or that RPMs are different than what they really are.

    I have had this issue happen to me once, after the browser was open for about 24 hours to the same page. Is there any timeout we need to be aware of that would stop the page from updating, or is it a matter of the browser stopping communications when someone steps away from the computer for hours on end? It would be nice to be able to have a definitive answer to tell the clients.

    No matter the cause, is there any way to display a message to the user to let them know communications between their browser and the server were dropped and they need to refresh?

    I read this post and not sure if some of the ideas presented are similar to what we're facing.

    We're running Mango 3.6.

    Let me know if other info is needed and I'll get you what I can. It's a very tough issue to replicate because the client is in the field at remote locations without great signal (possibly a cause). When the issue happened to me, I don't really know the combination of events that caused it.


  • Fixed in 3.7 -

    Well I should say, potentially fixed, it sounds like it is probably the same problem. Please let me know.

  • Thank you, Jared. We'll upgrade and see if this fixes the issue.