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  • Does Mango support Radius for User Authentication? If it doesn't are there any plans to implement it?


  • @dcitech Not currently, we can plug in new authentication methods but we need to do some more work around this. LDAP support has been requested quite a few times. Can I ask what sort of setup you are using RADIUS authentication in? Just so I have some more context around when it might be useful to our other customers.

  • Most of our communications equipment supports RADIUS authentication and that enables our customers to have a team of people who can maintain the devices and systems and have a unified way of managing passwords. In the case of a security breach or employee leaving they want to be able to quickly and efficiently remove a user or user group system wide. RADIUS enables them to do this.

  • I guess I was getting at - what industry are you in and what type of equipment are we talking about? Feel free to send a private message.