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  • I would like to hard code the and date.from on my dashboard. Not sure how to initially set with ng-init the date.from to Date("2019-01-01") and Date("2019-12-01") ?

  • Hi @Phillip-Weeks ,

    One can create a new usermodule component to handle like ng-init.

    userModule.component('gettime', {
            timestampIn: '@?',
            tsFormat: '@?',
            newDateo: '=?',
            newDates: '=?'
                $scope.$watch('$ctrl.timestampIn', () => {
                    let dateobject = moment(this.timestampIn);
                    let datestring = moment(this.timestampIn).format(this.tsFormat);
                    if (typeof this.timestampIn !== "undefined"){
                            this.newDateo = dateobject;
                            this.newDates = datestring;
                            //console.log(typeof(this.newDateo)); << returns dateobject
                            //console.log(typeof(this.newDates)); << returns string
                }, true);

    new-dateo is date object which you should be able to use as your date.from / variable.
    new-dates is date string which is formatted like you want based on momentjs format function.

    Usage in dashboard:

    <gettime timestamp-in="10/05/2019 22:10:10" ts-format="DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss" new-dateo="js" new-dates="jss"></gettime>

    Result in dashboard:

    Sat Oct 05 2019 22:10:10 GMT+0300
    05/10/2019 22:10:10

  • <div ng-init="dateBar.from = ('2019-12-08T09:16:47.297' | maMoment:'toDate')"></div>