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Hide a field if it is not updated during last day

  • Hy,
    in my application I've the following report:


    the latest column shows the latest datetime ok the corresponding TRK. Maybe for some reason like in the figure, the latest timestamp is really old so I don't want to show that row, for example I want to see only the rows updated during last day.

    Maybe a way to achieve this is:

    <ma-now update-interval="1 minutes" output="theTimeNow"></ma-now>
          <ng-if="!TRK_0_1_automa_state.time.isBefore(theTimeNow | maMoment:'subtract':24:'hours'")>
            <h5>{{TRK_0_1_automa_state.time | date:'yyyy-MM-dd  HH:mm:ss'}}</h5>
          <ng-if="!TRK_1_1_automa_state.time.isBefore(theTimeNow | maMoment:'subtract':24:'hours'")>
            <h5>{{TRK_1_1_automa_state.time | date:'yyyy-MM-dd  HH:mm:ss'}}</h5>

    but the code seems to be always true, so it is not ok because both automa_state.time are showed.

    Any idea about where is the problem?

  • Hi @etantonio

    The problem is that TRK_0_1_automa_state.time is not a moment.js object and you cannot use .isBefore() on it. It is an epoch timestamp (i.e. a number, specifically of seconds since 1980).

    I would suggest using this

    <ma-now update-interval="1 minutes" output="theTimeNow" on-change="theTimeADayAgo = $value.clone().subtract(24, 'hours')"></ma-now>


    <div ng-if="theTimeADayAgo.isBefore(TRK_0_1_automa_state.time)">

  • Thanks Jared,
    in any case, using the following code:

        <ma-now update-interval="1 minutes" output="theTimeNow" on-change="theTimeADayAgo = $value.clone().subtract(24, 'hours')"></ma-now>
        <md-grid-tile class="dark-gray">
            <h5>{{theTimeADayAgo|moment:'format':'D MMM YYYY - HH:mm'}}</h5>
     	  <md-grid-tile class="dark-gray">
          <h5>{{theTimeNow|moment:'format':'D MMM YYYY - HH:mm'}}</h5>

    I've this result:


    and in fact the row filtering based on datetime seems to be not working.

  • moment is not a valid filter name, it is maMoment as per your first post. You could also just call the function directly instead of using the filter -

    theTimeADayAgo.format('D MMM YYYY - HH:mm')

  • at the end of all the simplest working solution for me seems to be

    <ma-now update-interval="1 minutes" output="theTimeNow"></ma-now>
    <ma-calc input="theTimeNow | moment:'subtract':24:'hours'" output="theTimeADayAgo"></ma-calc>

    and then:

          md-row-height="35px" ng-if="theTimeADayAgo.isBefore(TRK_0_1_automa_state.time)">