We have been asked to do a pilot project for remote control of playgrounds. The user will use the clients app to book the play grounds for selected time periods. User gives his data via the app. Client portal will send the data to onsite controller via sms. On site controller (MangoES) will decode the data received via sms and display name of the client and the time period on the display, start and stop the lights for the play ground for selected time period and allow/deny access to the field for selected time period.

Client plans to use a standalone keypad access reader which can accept the secure pin sent via by the portal via an sms. Onsite controller will write the pin to the access keypad. Each site will have a fixed phone number.

We plan to use the MangoES with 3G router and a Modbus RTU PLC. Format for transfer of data via sms will have to worked out. Once data is received it will be segregated for the display, time period and access pin.

We are not sure about the access control keypad part.

Any suggestions.

Thanks & Regards,