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  • Dear IAS staff,

    Is it possible to use <ma-heat-map> with multiple datapoints showing current measured heatmap?

    General idea is to use multiple datapoints and then arrange them into the heatmap to show measurement uniformity of that object.

    As an example found in the internet, this shows multiple sets of data on the x scale but one dataset would be sufficient if it is possible easily:


    Edit: Actually quite stupid question because this can be solved with ng-style and HSL coloring. D3 styling just creates nice gradients which is nice.


        <div ng-style="{'background-color': 'hsl('+ CPUTEMP1.value / 85 * 350 + ', 100%, 70.5%)'}" layout-fill>
        <span ng-bind="CPUTEMP1.value"></span>
        <div ng-style="{'background-color': 'hsl('+ CPUTEMP2.value / 85 * 350 + ', 100%, 70.5%)'}" layout-fill>
        <span ng-bind="CPUTEMP2.value"></span>
        <div ng-style="{'background-color': 'hsl('+ CPUTEMP3.value / 85 * 350 + ', 100%, 70.5%)'}" layout-fill>
        <span ng-bind="CPUTEMP3.value"></span>
        <div ng-style="{'background-color': 'hsl('+ CPUTEMP4.value / 85 * 350 + ', 100%, 70.5%)'}" layout-fill>
        <span ng-bind="CPUTEMP4.value"></span>
        <div ng-style="{'background-color': 'hsl('+ CPUTEMP5.value / 85 * 350 + ', 100%, 70.5%)'}" layout-fill>
        <span ng-bind="CPUTEMP5.value"></span>


  • OK, looks like you solved your problem using a custom solution using D3 in a user module. Nice work.