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  • Dear IAS staff,

    I am having trouble setting valueAxes minimum value of an ma-serial-chart component.

    Simple example.

                        <ma-serial-chart style="height: 400px; width: 100%;max-height:400px" series-1-values="point4Values" series-1-point="metavolume" series-1-type="column" series-1-axis="left" series-1-color="blue" export="true" legend="true" options="{valueAxes:[{minimum:0}],titles:[{text:'Volume levels'}],export: {'position': 'bottom-right'}}">

    Can you replicate the situation with the chart component ? If I go to the examples menu where the advanced chart is, then it is also not applying minimum value of the options setting which the default example has.

    Edit: Core 3.6.4, advanced components 3.6.0

    Edit 2. Nevermind, got to the cause of the issue. Chart was not allowing min and max due to scaling issues. Will look what can be done to solve this,

    Would like some help for solving this trouble to scale chart for min = 0, start = 35 000

    Edit 3: Have tried bunch of ways and still cant get it to work as I want. Watchlist amcharts setting works perfectly but if assigning manually into the options then the min-max setting fails. What am I doing wrong here?


  • And synchronizeGrid solved it. Thanks @Jared-Wiltshire !