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Modbus Serial Datasource fixed length string issue

  • Dear IAS staff,

    There is a bug in the modbus serial data point saving in the new UI (core 3.6.4, modbus 3.6.4, production).

    When trying to save a modbus point as anything else besides ASCII then it reverts back to ASCII after clicking save. As we have our own solution which we have sold in years which requires points to be saved as UTF-16, the new UI does not let us unfortunately.

    Example: make a fixed length string variable with 36 registers and try saving it in UTF-16BE.

    I can save it in legacy mode but then I guess I should not use the new UI after saving the points. And as copying in legacy is broken because it issues out that "Subclass DWRs must implement method to use" I guess I should bounce between legacy and new UI for creating similar points in the datasource.

    Edit: Or just export the JSON of the points and edit manually and then import the settings back. :)

    Console is also clean and does not show any errors after saving unfortunately. ( Tried using Chrome / Edge )


  • Hi Thomas, thanks for bringing this to our attention!

    I have created a git issue for this in the Modbus module's repo.

  • @ThomasEinasto Sorry experienced these problems. I found the bug and have fixed it. I will get a release out for you today.

  • @Jared-Wiltshire No problem. Old UI is still existing so no harm done. As this specific functionality is not commonly used then it might happen that sometimes bugs get missed which is why the forum is done essentially to help everybody, IAS staff and the community! :)