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Want to know intrinsic and algorithmic reporting using BACnet4J

  • Hi,
    I want to know, how to configured intrinsic and algorithmic reporting for remote device objects?

    According to examples, We need to create objects using BACnetObject class and then we can add support of reporting to that object by "supportIntrinsicReporting(int, int, float, float, float, LimitEnable, EventTransitionBits, NotifyType, int)" API.
    But, for the remote device, we already have device objects and we will use that object using ObjectIdentifier. And that will not give mapping to BACnetObject instance. Then, how can we do it for a remote device?

  • Hi Vihangi,

    I have not tried this myself, but,

    Just as you see the properties being set and added in methods on objects with the supportIntrinsicReporting method, so too you would write those properties on the remote device, as well as writing the object's notification class property to the number of the notification class object on the device. The notification class object defines where to report the event or fault to.