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  • Hi,

    with the BACnet/IP Data Source I can get data from multible BACnet devices / IDs. Is it possible to get the runtime status of each BACnet-IP-PLC inside this Data Source?

    If not, the only way is one Data Source for each BACnet/IP-PLC. Is there a limit or special settings necessary if you have ca. 150 PLCs, each with 150 - 600 objects?

  • Ralf
    what do you mean by 'runtime status'? Is it on/off line status you are after? Alarms will be generated in Mango if a data source is offline automatically.
    From my experience with integrating BACnetIP device to Mango, the polling time on 200 points with COV enabled, it normally takes less than 10 ms. So 150 devices with 200 points each will be less than 2 seconds. Given in PLC, most of the points are binary anyway, so if you use a powerful enough PC to run Mango, you should be fine.
    Can you update us know how you go if you decide to use Mango to do the integration?
    I am keen to know its performance in the wild when it comes to integrating BACnet devices.


  • Hi cwangv,

    I mean this:


    Here an example with one ID per data source:


    For me it has more information when I can get the poll duration per ID/device in a multible BACnet/IP Data Source as the sum for all devices.

  • @ralf
    Right. I understand.
    the only way is one Data Source for each BACnet/IP-PLC then. Just have a go and put in all 150. What is the worse can happen? :)

  • Hi Ralf,

    cwangv is correct currently that the only way would be to create them all as separate data sources. You can record poll times in Internal Data Source data points if this question pertains to Mango and not just BACnet4J (which the screenshot would suggest).

    It is an interesting idea to make individual device IDs' poll times or success points, and perhaps on the Modbus data source too.

  • @cwangv
    The first steps are done :)

    Here are the specs On-Side:

    • Hardware Gateway Lenovo M710q, Intel Core i5-7400T, 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, WIN10PRO
    • Exept OpenOffice 4.1.7 and Mango no other SW installed,
    • Mango Enterprise 3.7.4, all Modules up to date, H2 797 MB, NoSQL 4.2 GB
    • OpenJDK
    • Data Sources Sum 268, Points 32309:
      -- 141 x SNMP Data Sources a 103 points polling every 5 Minutes,
      -- 4 x Meta-Data-Sources with Sum 165 points,
      -- 17 x Modbus I/P Data-Sources with Sum 1649 points polling every 10 Sec,
      -- 99 x BACnet/IP Data Sources with Sum 16572 Points, COV, 35% Analog Values, 10% Multistate, 55% Binary,
    • 10 x Publishers Persistent TCP to one Server, Sum 29360 Points (29 - 14199), real time data active and history sync all 5-15 Min per Cron, all Publishers using encryption and CRC.

    We have for every BACnet-PLC one BACnet-DS. This gives us more information about poll times, durations and setups, cron, quantize.
    We have five PLC-Manufacturers on side, and every one is different. And yes, we have one PLC-Type that we can't connect via BACnet-IP with Mango, our Keepware-BACnet-to-OPC-Connector has no problem?! Yes, we have to check this.

    Why WIN10PRO? It was installed :) Ja, our last gateway on side is running without any big problems since 2013 with WIN7PRO, not with Mango but we hope the new one will run just as long. We have some smaller Mango installations running on Linux, maybe next time we switch to Linux.

    Before we make a major-update in Mango (examp. 3.5 -> 3.6) we test it with a second PC, if it works then the upgrade will be finish. The same with the OS updates.

    The System is running 24/7 since more than a year with 5k points starting, growing up and with all the 32k points the last 14 days without big problems.
    The startup-process needs a bit time, ca. 15 Minutes, if Mango is running the PC needs 15% CPU and 60% RAM. A good step was to change the Java from Oracle to OpenJDK. Since then, Mango handles the RAM better.
    I think it would be nice to have a startup-setup in Mango for the DSs and Publishers. Some DS have a lot of points but can startup later and an event-blocker...

    Next steps: add 5k points to setup and on server side the dashboards, reports, alarming...

  • @ralf
    it is so nice to have your feedback. That is a very impressive points count.
    I am glad it works out for you. I would say the SSD definitely helped a lot as well.
    The spec of your server is not too hard to obtain anyway which is good.
    Did you use the Windows Service (auto startup) component mentioned in Mango's help instructions?
    I am curious how you tested it with a second PC before you upgraded the system.
    I am guessing that you ran both PCs at the same time since all your DSs are IP based.

    You should write a user-case for the forum 'Stories' section as well. that will be nice.