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Pulling data to Mango via BACnet from another network

  • Hello, I have a question, I have a PLC which is in another network than my MangoES, can I access the points from the PLC with BACnet IP and create a data source in MangoES with the points from that PLC?

    And if this is possible can someone give me some direction on how to do it?

    Thank you!

  • you can search for 'BBMD' in this forum. There should be enough articles to get you started.

  • @cwangv Hi, I have searched on the forum and over the internet too about BBMD since this is a new thing for me... So, I have a question , I'm not sure that I get it right, do I need an extra device, a BBMD Router to be able to communicate with my PLC which is in another network?

    Thank you!

  • @sky_watcher
    Mango cannot be a BBMD at this moment. So either your PLC can or you will have to get a device that can be a BBMD.

    Just thinking out loud, why not try making the PLC and Mango communicate over Modbus TCP? Network routing will be much simpler so long you can get a router to work between the two networks.

  • Hi sky_watcher,

    @cwangv is correct that Mango does not expose options to operate as a BBMD, and you did say it's a MangoES so that applies. But this is the BACnet4J section of the forum, so I must mention there is code to do this in BACnet4J. Notice the bbmdEnabled variable in LocalDevice,