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Watchlist chart export (text format) functions - value vs rendered value, name

  • Hi,
    I want to raise an observation/suggestion for the watchlist chart 'export as' features:
    1 - in the text form export file, how can i not to have the 'value' column since the 'rendered value' displays unit which is what end-user wants to see.
    What I really want is the file only shows the column values as selected in the watchlist display which are the two tags, value and time as shown in the second screenshot


  • Hi cwangv,

    If you open the browser's developer tools, you can see the actual request being made has a "fields" property in the POST payload. If you were to make the rest request for the data yourself, you could modify what fields are in the resulting response.

    Alas I do not believe tags are currently available to be included as an available field, though.