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Can I change MangoES logo to customer's logo when access it? And how?

  • I am new to MangoES and learning to program it. When accessing MangoES, is it possible to change the Mango logo to cutomer's logo? and how to ? thanks.

  • You can goto opt/mango/web/images/logo.png and change it to the required LOGO you want to. I think you need to use the same name as logo.png

  • Hi there ozone, welcome to the forum,
    Assuming you are using a version 3 mango, the logo is changed via Administration -> UI settings -> Choose Theme -> Logo Source

  • Hi ozone, welcome to the forum!

    Fox has provided the right answer for the new UI. Jay1089 was close to the right answer for the old UI, but you'd want to place any image / file overrides you do (such as the logo) to the corresponding location in the overrides folder - otherwise it would be overwritten when you update. So,


  • @phildunlap

    Thanks. I tried on the UI settings up load the logo. It works. But I don't know how I can access to folders of /opt/mango/overrides/web/images/. I connect PC to the MangoES through a router LAN port. How do I access MangoES folders to locate where the logo.png is?

  • Hi ozone,

    you can do this with the webmin-UI:

    http://[YourMangoES-IP]:10000 or https://[YourMangoES-IP]:10000.

    Enter mango/[YourPassword], in the left menu via /others/File Manager choose /opt/mango...

    In the MangoES-box was also a manual that describes it and a note with the [YourPassword].