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  • Good Evening,

    We are exploring accessing/exporting point data to an external database reporting software to enhance some of our internal processes with our equipment.

    Is anyone using a specific software or technique to expose the data point data to a external service?

    Thank You!

  • Mango already has an API you can draw from to have 3rd parties poll for info. Ensure the swagger api info is enabled in your mango file.
    Alternatively, I personally am in the middle of writing an API for our systems. It also acts as a front for Mango. This is all written in NodeJS due to the large support base it has. That and there are systems written for node that are designed to be used in a resful format...

    just my ten cents


  • Hi Brad_GMI,

    Fox's suggestion of the API is the right one. Without knowing any idiosyncrasies of how you need the data exposed it is difficult to make a definite recommendation other than the API as that is definitely part of its purpose.