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Add 4 byte BCD swapped to ModBus data type

  • In using Mango to monitor PLC values from an Automationdirect PLC via the Modbus IP protocol, we found that double word BCD values were coming in with the words read in reverse order.

    We are able to overcome this by first converting the value to binary in the PLC and then reading the value in Mango as a '4 byte unsigned integer swapped'. However, it would be much more convenient to read this value without making changes to the PLC program.

    Based on convention, I expect this would be described in Mango as '4 byte BCD swapped'.


  • Hi Brad,
    Thanks for posting your inquiry.
    This is something that Mango could definitely be updated to support, and we can slot it into our development list for future updates.
    If adding this capability is part of a project you're working on, please contact us directly if you may require this development to be accelerated by contributing to a sponsored piece of development.