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Virtual data point phase shift doesn't appear in form

  • If I define a virtual data point with a sinusoidal change, the dialog requires that I enter a value for phase shift. If I define a phase shift and save the settings for that data point, the next time I open that dialog the phase shift is gone, and I have to enter it again before the save button works.


    Also, while entering a value for phase shift does appear to have the desired effect, it does not persist across Mango lifecycles - when Mango shuts down and is subsequently restarted, the phase shift is no longer apparent.

    Edit: Possibly related problem

    If I define a multistate virtual data point, there is a field in which the values and start value can be defined.

    After doing so, if I open that dialog again, the values and start value are not shown.

  • Hi pyeager, thanks for the thorough explanation!

    I looked into the phase shift and believe that it is not being saved properly through the new UI, and nor is its value being displayed, as you showed. I created this git issue:

    I was also able to replicate the multistate no change type's value list behavior, so I have opened this issue as well:

    Thanks for taking such a thorough look at the virtual data source and bringing these issues to our attention!

  • Phil:

    I discovered something that might be helpful with locating the cause of the issue with multistate data points in virtual data sources.

    It only seems to fail to properly save the state values and start value when the change type is set to "no change".