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Is Mango's implementation of BACnet4J open source?

  • Just curious if Mango's implementation of BACnet4J is open source?
    Ive searched ma-core for how Mango implements the BACnet protocol but
    see no reference of BACnet4J in the source. Is this portion of the project private?

  • Hi Preston Titmus, welcome to the forum!

    Yes, your supposition is correct, although our automation platform's name is Mango Automation - Mongo is mostly going to turn up referenced to MongoDB.

    There has been discussion before of making more modules open source, including the Modbus and the BACnet modules, since they would be useful presumably to people with licenses to develop for Modbus4J or BACnet4J, as well as the other benefits of being open source. But, not the case currently.

  • I apologize for misspelling the project name.
    At any rate, thank you for the quick response and keep up the good work.