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The test tool could not find the device instantiated by Java

  • Hello, I have encountered a problem here that has not been solved for a long time. I instantiated a device through the following code, but I could not find this device through the test tool. I hope you can help me, thank you

    public class Device {
        LocalDevice localDevice;
        public void init() throws Exception {
            IpNetwork network = new IpNetworkBuilder()
                    .withBroadcast("", 24)
            Transport transport = new DefaultTransport(network);
            localDevice = new LocalDevice(1996, transport);
        public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
            new Device().init();

  • Hi mmmoczj,

    Surely there is more to your test? This seems to me like the process would exit before any responses would have had a chance to respond.

    Assuming the issue isn't your program exiting after the all to initialize the LocalDevice (which send a WhoIS but does not pause the thread that called it to listen for some amount of time for responses, that's handled by another thread elsewhere), then I would guess you may want to try other possible addresses, such as a broadcast of with a bind address of

    Also if you call initialize without having a device object added to the local device, it will do some scanning and try to assign itself a number. You can see what the initialize method does here, although what is shown on the main branch may or may not be what you are working with: