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  • Hi,
    I'm new to the system and I've been experimenting with it trying to learn and how i can apply it to my facility.
    while trying to delete a component in my dashboard designer I've deleted the whole page, is there a way to restore it ?
    Appreciate the help

  • Hi bhr477, welcome to the forum!

    Yes! Your dashboard can be recovered, so long as the audit events of its previous saves have not been purged from the audit table.

    1. Use SQL console to find the ID by looking through the context to find if that's the deletion event (changeType 3, where 1 is create and 2 is modify)
      select objectId, context from audit where typename='JSON_DATA' and changeType=3 order by id desc limit 10;
    2. Create a new dashboard in the dashboard designer and save it
    3. Find the ID of the new entry in the jsonData table via SQL
      select id, name, data from jsonData order by id desc limit 5;
    4. Use the SQL console to change the ID of the new entry in the JsonData table to the objectId we found in step 1.
      update jsonData set id=[objectId from step 1] where id=[id from step 3];
    5. Reload the dashboard designer page, and use the revert tool to recover the deleted dashboard!


  • thank you so much :D
    It worked and i got it back

  • Glad to hear it! :D