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  • While working on a script, I discovered that not all of it was being saved.

    Every time I went to reopen it, it was truncated.

    If I enter the following script, it validates just fine:

    var sources = DataSourceQuery.query('like(name,polecat*VIRT)&limit(10)');
    for(var i = 0; i<sources.size(); i++ ) {
        var source = sources.get(i);
        print( );

    But if I save that script and then reopen it, here is what I find:

    var sources = DataSourceQuery.query('like(name,polecat*VIRT)&limit(10)');
    for(var i = 0; i

    Now if I modify the script slightly, like this:

    var sources=DataSourceQuery.query('like(name,polecat*VIRT)&limit(10)');
    for(var i=0; i < sources.size(); i++ ) {
        var source=sources.get(i);
        print( );

    ...the script opens properly after saving.

    What is the difference? It is:


    ...which doesn't save properly, vs:

    i < sources.size();

    ...which does save properly
    What a difference a space or two makes!

  • Which script editor? New UI or legacy?

  • I think it is the legacy

    On my system it appears at http://intranet:8080/data_sources.shtm

  • What version of Mango are you using? Have you tried the new data source UI in 3.6?

  • I haven't tried 3.6 yet. Running the upgrades now.

  • The new data source UI doesn't seem to have the bug.