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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to use one of the CSV templates provided on Mango (2.8) but I keep getting the following whenever I try to compile the templates.

    I reinstalled the datafile module onto my Mango instance + restarted it and I get the same result. My system is also running JDK instead of JRE. Since the base templates don't work, there's not much I can do in terms of creating my own template if the original ones aren't compiling.

    Can anyone give some pointers or lead me to a solution to this? Thanks!

  • Nevermind I'm able to select a template and create the Data source. Not too sure what happened along the way, but somehow I'm able to select the template but when it compiles it still outputs as null like the screenshot. Not too sure what's the cause.

  • Hi Mista, welcome to the forum

    That has certainly been fixed in later versions to output more than null. I don't recall exactly what the issue there was, but you can perhaps check your browser's network tab and see what the response from the Dwr is, which may show the actual compilation results or error.

  • Thanks for responding! I checked my network tab, and it seems like the function compiles with no issues/errors. Actually, it doesn't look like anything gets passed through the function.

    This was the response I got.

    throw 'allowScriptTagRemoting is false.';
    var s0={};var s2=[];var s3=[];var s4=[];var s1=[];s0.CSVfiles=s2;s0.Excelfiles=s3;s0.ExcelcompilerOutput=null;s0.XMLfiles=s4;s0.XMLcompilerOutput="No Files";s0.CSVcompilerOutput=null;s0.Excelsuccess=false;s0.XMLsuccess=true;s0.CSVsuccess=false;

  • Alas 2.8 is not likely to get fixes for this sort of thing. This issue has certainly been fixed, as I mentioned.

    Did someone from your group call and leave a voicemail about this thread? It was not easy to make out their email address from their message (but it was a gmail address) and they seemed to mention this thread. They said they had compiler output after upgrading, but were getting an error which they provided an incomplete description of. If that was on this issue, could you post the output of the compiler here if you would like help getting through compilation issues?