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  • Hello, I'm struggling with a lot of bacnet4j logger.
    Can I find a way to change logger level or disable logger?
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  • Hi YEZI,

    This would be in your log4j configuration, which in Mango would likely be located at either Mango/overrides/classes/log4j2.xml or Mango/classes/log4j2.xml

    You can reload the log4j settings at the /ui/administration/log4j-reset page from within Mango after you've modified the appropriate XML file's list of packages and log levels (near the bottom of the XML file)

  • Actually BACnet4J uses Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) In Mango we use the Log4J binding and configure BACnet4Js logging via Log4J.

    However if you are only using BACnet4J with no additional logging library you can configure the SLF4J loggers by including a binding. Some bindings require configuration but if you just want to discard all logging messages place the NOP binding on your class path.

    See this link for the various bindings you can choose, all you need to do then is put 1 of these bindings on your class path and configure it if the binding requires it.