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  • My contract comes to an end this week, so I (potentially) won't be working in the Mango space after that - just wanted to say "thanks" to all that helped me through my journey. Wishing you all the best ...


  • Hi Richard,

    I can only echo my words to @psysak : who oddly posted another new thread the next day!

    Personally, I'm not a fan of this sort of thread. Because,

    1. Say thanks when receiving the help and it doesn't need saying again.
    2. You leave the forum every time you close the browser, and you can come back whenever you wish. So, the "Goodbye" part of it also is to be taken as more final. As I told psysak, nothing is stopping you from using Mango in your personal life or your next position or whatever, and nobody said you had to leave the forum, so feel free to stick around....

  • I understand your sentiment @phildunlap - my old boss (and then bandmate) used to say something along the lines of "standing on the shoulders of giants you can see for miles" - and I wanted to express that I'm grateful for those who have loaned me their shoulders to stand on, because it doesn't always happen ...



  • That is a kind sentiment to share, surely!