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  • Hi,

    I wanted to change the way modbus master polls the slaves, but as I see, it is implemented in seroutils...

    Now if all slaves are online, they are queried one after the other. If a slave goes offline, it is queried "retries" times in one round, then it is qualified offline.
    My version would always query each slave only one time in a round, and qualify a slave offline only if "retries" number of rounds has elapsed without a proper answer.
    It's not a big difference, but gives more time for the network to recover from a transient failure.
    I don't know, if this algorithm was suitable for other modbus users/uses, or could be implemented only as an option.


  • Hi Greg,

    That's not in seroUtils. You could make that change directly in the Modbus data source RT.

  • Oh, sorry, it's not just the data source RT. It would be a combination of there, and the Modbus4J code (which is what creates the requests from the batch).