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  • Hello,

    I am trying to generate a local device and read it in YABE.
    The java application is a simple example of a NetworkBuilder and a local device.
    YABE is able to discover the device but when trying to read it i get the following error message:

    and the YABE log prints:

    Here is my code:

    network = new IpNetworkBuilder().withPort(0xBAC5).withBroadcast("",255).withReuseAddress(true).build();
            transport = new DefaultTransport(network);
            LocalDevice local = new LocalDevice(1, transport);
            }catch (Exception e)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi STAstefan,

    Do you know if YABE is only trying to read from the device object? Do you have a wireshark of what YABE is sending?

  • Hi,
    The problem seemed to be the fact that I tried (for test purposes) to run both YABE and my application on the same machine. Running it on two different machines in the network does the trick.

  • Ah, yes, you wouldn't be able to bind the same port on the same machine in both applications. Thanks for sharing the resolution!