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  • I am new to Modbus4J howerever i have used jamod which supports addressing of the slave in the range of 0-255 and not beyond that.
    can i use Modbus4J for connecting to devices of 16bit addresse.
    thnx very much.

  • Actually, as per the spec a slave id must be between 1 and 240. (0 is the broadcast id.)

    It would be easy enough to circumvent the slave id range checks, but you'd be violating the specification. All devices would need to agree to use 16 bit addresses before this would work.

  • Thanks very much for your prompt reply.
    Hardware config is done. only issue is thru software i want to access a slave having 2 bytes address.
    how do i do this thru modbus4j?

  • Simplest is to make the appropriate changes to the Modbus4J code.