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  • Hy,
    maybe a stupid question,
    I've "TRK_9_2_automa_state.time" showing timestamp,

    <md-grid-tile class="gray" >

    there's a simple inline function to show a readable datetime like
    2019/04/05 15:58 instead of the numeric timestamp 1554402536000 ?


  • Just a little bit of angularJs

    <md-grid-tile class="gray" >
      <h5>{{TRK_9_1_automa_state.time | date:'yyyy-MM-dd  HH:mm:ss'}}</h5>

  • @etantonio This is covered pretty extensively in the examples and API docs built into Mango. I would suggest using the Mango maMoment filter instead of the built in AngularJS date filter as you can specify a format string like {{myPoint.time | maMoment:'format':'ll LTS'}} to format the data in the user's selected locale.