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  • Re: Deploying via Docker


    Same use case. I would like to deploy Mango using Docker. I'm referencing a thread from a couple years ago. An IAS employee shared a script he was using for testing. Has there been any progress, or official support added for Docker since then?


  • Hi nallenscott, welcome to the forum!

    Docker support was not taken too much father than Jared was indicating in that thread. Here's a script we use to deploy our nightly build to our test server, but with the URL for the nightly build swapped for a URL to grab the current core (would require updating with core updating) from our store:

    FROM openjdk:8-jdk
    MAINTAINER Jared Wiltshire <>
    RUN mkdir -p /opt/mango \
        && wget -O /tmp/ \
        && unzip /tmp/ -d /opt/mango \
        && rm  /tmp/
    ENV MA_HOME /opt/mango
    ENV MA_CP $MA_HOME/overrides/classes:$MA_HOME/classes:$MA_HOME/overrides/properties:$MA_HOME/overrides/lib/*:$MA_HOME/lib/*
    EXPOSE 8080
    WORKDIR /opt/mango
    ENTRYPOINT exec java -server -cp $MA_CP -Dma.home=$MA_HOME -Djava.library.path=$MA_HOME/overrides/lib:$MA_HOME/lib:/usr/lib/jni/:$PATH com.serotonin.m2m2.Main


  • Thanks, @phildunlap. Works perfectly.