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  • Before starting a backup procedure, device A shall read the Backup_Preparation_Time property, if present, from device
    B's Device object. If the property is not present in device B, the value shall be assumed to be 0.

    To do that :

    in class property indentifier:

        public static final PropertyIdentifier backupandrestorestate = new PropertyIdentifier(314);
        public static final PropertyIdentifier backuppreparationtime = new PropertyIdentifier(315);
        public static final PropertyIdentifier restorepreparationtime = new PropertyIdentifier(316);
    if (type == backupandrestorestate.intValue())
                return "Backup And Restore State";
            if (type == backuppreparationtime.intValue())
                return "Backup Prepartion Time";
            if (type == restorepreparationtime.intValue())
                return "Restore Preparation Time";

    in class object properties :

    //add by jose
            add(ObjectType.device, PropertyIdentifier.backupandrestorestate, UnsignedInteger.class, false, false, null);
            add(ObjectType.device, PropertyIdentifier.backuppreparationtime, UnsignedInteger.class, false, false, null);
            add(ObjectType.device, PropertyIdentifier.restorepreparationtime, UnsignedInteger.class, false, false, null);

    Say me if it's ok . thanks

  • That's a start, yes. I've checked in changes to more fully implement Add-135-2008n.

  • Thanks

    but strange that my property identifiers number are differents

  • Do you have the same addendum? I used this one: