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  • Hi, all
    I have a story to help. Scripting control to publishers. Want to write control scripts for publishers By enabling / disable the publisher
    such as
    1.Scripting control to Data sources.

    var d = 'DP_835f4865-3de8-47cc-9c7b-3121b7a65bf9'; //Change to your data source's XID

    2.Scripting control to Data point.

    var d = 'DP_835f4865-3de8-47cc-9c7b-3121b7a65bf9'; //Change to your data source's XID

    I try to write like this and it is not available.

    var d = 'DP_835f4865-3de8-47cc-9c7b-3121b7a65bf9'; //Change to your data source's XID
    error RuntimeManager.enablePublishers is not a function

  • Hi JoHn-Beer,

    It does seem like those functions should exist for completeness. Currently there would be two ways to do this,

    1. Use the JsonEmport tool. You could export the publishers JSON, find the publisher you wished to toggle, change the 'enabled' property appropriately and reimport.
    2. Go through the actual runtime manager, like
    function enablePublisher(xid, enabled) {
      var publisher = com.serotonin.m2m2.db.dao.PublisherDao.getByXid(xid);
      publisher.enabled = enabled;

    And then call it as needed. I'll create a git issue about putting such a function into the script environments' RuntimeManager utility.