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What communication protocols do you use?

  • Choose the communications protocols that are most important to you from the list above (listed in no particular order). If your favourite is missing, let me know.

  • SNMP
    User configurable ASCII

  • Thanks for your input. Modbus is already available. SNMP is schedule for release in a few weeks.

    Not sure about the configurable ASCII. Over what transport is it received? Is it polled, or simply listened for? Under what criteria is it configurable? That seems to be pretty much a wide open description.

  • SNMP


  • ModBus RTU, ModBus TCP/IP

  • BACnet

  • Straight TCP/IP UDP

  • What about an OPC Client Interface? This would open up a whole world of protocols for which OPC Servers have already been built. There are a few Open Source Java OPC Clients out there (such as which could be good targets for integration into Mango?

  • The philosophical objection to OPC is of course its exclusiveness to Microsoft operating systems (notwithstanding the availability of linux ports). The tangible objection is that companies have to pay the OPC fees to play in their park, which in my personal opinion puts the lie to their claim of openness. The same applying to LonWorks of course. When, like Serotonin, you are providing a free, open source product, the tendency is to hesitate to work pro bono with others with obvious commercial influences.

    Still, the Java version looks promising. We'll check it out.

  • Rockwell / Allen Bradley PLCs. The protocol is called CIP, and it can be tranported over serial or IP links. It would be nice if Mango could talk to them.
    Check out - ther is a GPL library there for AB Comms

  • Hi popeye,

    Thanks for your input. Sadly, we don't have any AB equipment in our lab, which makes the development of a protocol implementation rather sketchy (developing only from documentation is hopeful at best). If there is simulation software available, or if someone were willing to loan us some equipment (free software = no budget to buy), we should be able to get this done.

  • Modbus (RTU, TCP),
    BACnet (Ethernet, IP, MS/TP),

  • Clipsal (, a division of Schneider Electric, is into building automation. They have developed an "open standard" protocol called C-Bus (

    Why don't you consider adding C-Bus to your list of protocols?



  • Hi Prodyut,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Sadly it may be some time before we get to this due to (paying) project work that is keeping us very busy. Of course, Mango is open source software, and so we encourage those with a development yen to feel free and implement new stuff. :D

  • Hi

    1 wire. & Tcp/ip

  • Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the information. We in fact have code about 75% complete to implement 1-wire, but due to other (paying) project work, have not had time to complete the implementation. Watch the site for updates!

  • Do you support xml/SOAP?

  • Do you mean web services? Currently no, not formally. But in which direction would you want support:

    1. having Mango read data from a web service
    2. having Mango post data to a web service
    3. the ability to get data via a Mango web service
    4. the ability to post data to a Mango web service

    An existing protocol that is similar to 4) is the "HTTP receiver" data source, which listens for HTTP connections (GET or POST) and can parse the parameters into point values.

  • Primarily read data from a web service but posting would also be nice!!

  • Hi. You're right about OPC but in Industry there are many closed or commercial solutions. With OPC we can use many protocols with the same OPC server ( Modbus, Profibus, Device Net, MPI, PPI, Unitelway, Control Net, .....).
    There is a project in this page:
    The project is called Utgard, and it's a pure Java OPC client, and the better thing, it's Open Source.

    Best regards.