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Custom modules for Mango 2.8

  • Re: Pop up window (face plate)

    I'm trying to set up a custom dropdown box for my dashboard. Something along the lines of select a device, and then display points related to that device. I think I need a custom model for it in Angular looking something like

    {id:1, name: field_device1, value:tag_prefix_1 }
    where I will have 'field_device1' in the drop down, and use 'tag_prefix_1'+'tag_suffix' to get tag names.

    I have two questions:

    1. Am I correct to think I need a custom model for this (not new to programming, but new to AngularJS)?

    2. all the tutorials I can find seem to refer to mango 3.3, and I'm using 2.8. In my version, where should I put my customModule.js, and do I (and how) link it to app.js? Or should I just add my custom function to app.js?